Developing an innovation-centered corporate culture starts with identifying and supporting the Innovative frontline Leaders within your organization. These are the ones who can:

  • break with the past,

  • develop radically new products, services or processes, and

  • integrate an innovation within the larger organization or society.

The developmental Innovative Leadership assessment maps how:

  1. Creative,

  2. Future ready and

  3. Pioneering

a candidate is.

Procedure and Outcome

The assessment procedure starts with the candidate filling out an in-depth 240-item online questionnaire. This generates the Innovative Leadership profile which is at the center of a 2 hour individual assessment session.

Main insights of that session lead to a written individual analysis and advice, which is included in the 32-page report. This advice comprises:

  1. Your strenghts as an Innovative Leader

  2. Your pitfalls

  3. Points to develop

  4. The organizational environment that brings out your best

The implications of the advice, as well as the findings of the report, are the subject of a joined meeting with the candidate, HR and the organization’s leadership.

The report, which is received both on paper and PDF, can be used for a specific Personal Development Plan aimed at developing Innovative Leadership. The Innovative Leadership assessment gives HR a practical tool for developing an innovation-centered corporate culture.  

Please note: the online questionnaire is available in English, Dutch and German. The report is currently available in English and Dutch only. The German version will be introduced in 2020.