Leadership demands more than than ever

Executive work can be challenging: setting and achieving goals, balancing opposing interests and taking difficult decisions, all while being under great pressure. This is something most executives have mastered and why they fill those positions in their organizations.


Welcome to the new reality: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous

Yet current times carry so much complexity, volatility and unpredictability, that there are moments when developments threaten to overwhelm even the best of them. This is both a personal as well as an organizational risk, as effective leadership is crucial for executing the corporate strategy.

As people depend on your leaders to take the lead, Executive Coaching helps them stay on top of their and your game.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a self-reflective, one-on-one individualized process which benefits both the professional and his/her organization. Working with goals formulated by both leader and organization, we develop the capacity for current and future leadership.

To ensure that the coaching process supports corporate strategy, it is founded in an equal partnership between organization, executive and the coach. This makes Executive Coaching a valuable leadership development tool, not just something to refer to when specific problems arise.

I understand the intricacies of your position, your organization’s business and have an extensive knowledge on how to perform under pressure while staying firmly grounded.

For me professional standards and business ethics are a must. That’s why I work according to the principles and guidelines of the Executive Coaching Handbook as developed by the Executive Coaching Forum.

My coaching expertise

Successfully starting a new position

Your first 100 days on the job will decide how successful you eventually will be. This period is challenging and intense but, if well handled, sets you and your organization up for success in the longer term. I help you prepare and navigate your first 100 days to maximize your impact.

Personal leadership

I help you become more effective as a leader in the specific context of your organization. Example: You're facing a difficult decision and your intellect is telling you something different than your gut. You have to get both aligned so you can take the decision with full conviction and communicate it equally powerful.

Self management & work-life balance

Pressure is getting to you in a way that it didn't in the past. It's keeping you up at night and is starting to affect your performance and how you feel. Not yet visible to the outside world, but undeniably so. What's the cause and which mental and physical routines will get you back on top of your game?

Corporate politics

Your company gets a new ceo from outside. This completely changes the corporate pecking order and the playing field. How will you position yourself in this changed dynamic?

(Personal) Crisis and Emergency support

Sometimes a crisis cannot be foreseen and you have to step up. Although you know the procedures, this still is a time of extraordinary stress filled with impactful unexpected occurrences. I help you navigate this minefield and maintain composure during the whole episode.