Corporate life is increasingly complex

Executive work can be challenging: setting and achieving goals, balancing opposing interests and taking difficult decisions, all while being under great pressure. This is something you do very well and exactly why you are in your position in the first place. Yet current times are filled with so much complexity and uncertainty, that there are moments when developments threaten to overwhelm even you. 


Welcome to the new reality: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous

Executive coaching that delivers

What worked in the past, isn't guaranteed to do so anymore. As people depend on you to take the lead, you cannot share personal doubts and dilemmas freely.

These are the moments when you need clarity, support and a safe haven. Someone to entangle the situation with and help you use it to your advantage. When everyone is looking at you, you need someone to look after yourself. 

Just like a high-performance car needs specialist maintenance, top-level executives need a coaching specialist like Dirk Anton van Mulligen. Someone with the right diagnostics, tools, experience and feeling for the job. He: 

  • is an excellent listener and observer,
  • has great insight into people and group dynamics,
  • understands the intricacies of your position and your business, and
  • has extensive knowledge on how to perform under pressure, while staying firmly grounded.

At your level, work is much like performing mental martial arts. Dirk Anton gives you insight into the energies and dynamics at play, to help you stay centered in midst of the storm.

He keeps you sane under sometimes insane circumstances. 

Some typical coaching issues

Personal leadership

You're facing a difficult decision and your intellect is telling you something different than your gut. You have to get both aligned so you can take the decision with full conviction and communicate it equally powerful. 

Self- and stress management

Pressure is getting to you in a way that it didn't in the past. It's keeping you up at night and  is starting to affect your performance and how you feel. Not yet visible to the outside world, but undeniably so. What's the cause and which routines will get you back on top of your game?

Corporate politics

Your company gets a new ceo from outside. This completely changes the corporate pecking order and the playing field. How will you position yourself in this changed dynamic? 

Work-life balance

Your family life isn't running smoothly and requires urgent attention. How do you deal with it in a way that honors the situation, your loved ones, your own feelings and your professional position?