Developing leaders for an unknown future

My clients often hear that “when you cannot predict the future, you have to create it”. While true, this is easier said than done. Venturing an unknown path when there is much at stake, inevitably confronts us with ourselves: our insecurities, fears and anxiety, our shortcomings and limitations.


Building inner strength and developing new insights and skills is what is required. This is an ongoing developmental journey, both personally and professionally.

Personalized Leadership Development

Each of my clients has a unique personality shaped by in-born properties and unique life experiences. The organizational context in which they operate, also differs greatly from client to client. This has great implications for the best way to develop a coherent leadership in support of strategy execution.

My individual development programs are designed and tailored for maximum results for both the leader and the organization.

Program ingredients

Time is my clients’ most valuable commodity. That’s why I invest my time in experimenting and studying a wide range of literature and developments, so you won’t have to. This way we can select what’s most relevant to you and your position. I believe that:

successful leaders should always drink upstream from the herd

My Leadership Development Programs consist of:


Full-scale Innovative Leadership assessment


On the job, in meetings and negociations

In-depth interviews (720 degrees)

Both on the job and in the private life of the leader.

Personal Experiences

Experience-based learning is the most effective. We organize journeys, meetings and visits outside the predictable mainstream.


Cutting-edge leadership advice on specific issues


Self-reflective learning during regular sessions


Pre-selected works relevant to personal development issues


Experimenting with new behaviour or new personal habits