Given the confidential nature of my work, the following testimonials reflect a part, but not all, of my clients' experiences.

Dirk Anton’s coaching helped me stay even-keeled in hectic times. His calm, clear and knowledgeable presence helped me in confronting difficult issues and solving them. Our pleasant sessions give me directly useable insights and are like visiting an island of sanity in a sometimes insane world.
— mr. P. Wander, Director Mortgages at ABN Amro, Amsterdam
Es gehört schon viel Können dazu, teilweise unbequeme Wahrheiten so gefühlvoll und diplomatisch anzugehen, dass sie offen, vor allem aber konfliktfrei angegangen werden können, ja zu konkreten Lösungen führen.
— mr. K. Heeger, Secretary-General at CESI, Brussels
Dirk Anton is sharp, clear, knowledgeable, calm and balanced. I’ve experienced him in several roles and he’s equally well versed in all of them. His calm, openness and clarity make it very pleasant to listen and talk to Dirk Anton.
— ms. E. Vonk, manager at Tata Steel, IJmuiden
Integration of leadership inside the company asks of you yourself to show up wholeheartedly. This is the vision Dirk Anton stands for. He develops new leadership skills based on true relationships. This is also my way. I trust him!
— mr. M. Thomé, President at FGFC, Luxemburg
Dirk Anton is a good sparring partner in complex and emotionally challenging times, either at work or at home. He not just triggers you to reflect, but coaxes you into action.
— mrs. E. Lommerse, Project Manager High-impact Crimes at the Integral Safety Network, Amsterdam
The perfect solution for me when I got stuck in my professional career. Dirk Anton is a great listener with a very creative mind. With his personal approach and inventive, out-of-the-box ideas he inspired me to make the right career switch.
— mr. M. v.d. Kamp, Financial Manager at Stadsschouwburg & Philarmonie, Haarlem
Dirk Anton knows the corporate drill and that makes his approach both comfortable and practical. (...)The team gained a strong mutual trust and the foundation was laid to tackle the upcoming challenges together. I highly recommend him as an executive coach and facilitator for team-building sessions.
— mr. H. de Vries, Country Manager at RS Components, Haarlem
Dirk Anton makes heavy issues easily digestible, by indentifying the essence in a light but not light-hearted way. His calm presence really creates a safe haven. In short, Dirk Anton is very pleasant to be around and adds directly useable value to every contact!
— ms. K. Castenmiller, Interim Manager at Royal Auris Group, Utrecht
I know Dirk Anton to be a sharp and completely independent thinker. He’s got very orginal ideas and always listens well to those of others, judging them solely on merit. Apart from that, Dirk Anton is a very nice person to be around.
— mr. P. Grünwald, Full-Professor Statistics at Leiden University, Leiden